While robust, thick timepieces have their advantages, most of often they fall prey to snags on cuffs and door jams as well as jacket pockets. Normally, a really comfortable and practical timepiece will also be a sleek or thin watch. The thinnest timepiece measures 10 mm including the crystal and the leanest of the stack portion is a holistic idea, depending on the whole thing from the dial to the movement case and hands. Thin watches feel wafted thin. Below are just some of the best thin watches available on the market at this point in time.

Christopher Ward

While a lot of thin timepieces out there depend on focused in-house movements to handle a sleek profile, you do not need to spend huge to get a sleek or thin watch. Christopher War, a UK based company, lately released their new and state of the art thin watch called C5 Slimline. This watch is powered by the sleek-but-able ETA 2801 hand wound movement. Providing central seconds, minutes and house, the state of the art ETA 2801 is only 3.35 mm thick and allows the forty millimeter wide watch to come with a complete thickness of just about 8.7 mm. With a hand, but dressy vibe that has a dial with grey, white or blue, this is one of the best thin watches available out there.

Junghans Meistar Watch

The same as C5 Slimline in dimension, the up to date Junghans Meistar measures just about 7.8 mm thick. That profile comes thanks to its movement. It comes with ETA 7001 that is very thin at only 2.5 mm, integrates seventeen jewels and comes with a power reserve of forty hours. The incorporated 37.7 mm dial has a minimalist, dressy look with its shade of grey. The display holder shows off blued screws as well as finished movement pieces.

Piaget Altiplano

For those who are searching for the best thin watches, make sure to consider the fashionable and stunning Piaget Altiplano as from the side, this watch is almost invisible. With an overall thickness of only 3.65 mm, the 900P is presently the sleekest mechanical timepiece available all over the world and thicker than 2 stacked quarters. This watch gets this feature through engineering the dial and case to work as a portion of the arrangement of the movement. Its case back is the movement main plate. The dial works as the bridge helping the various parts of the movement.

Czech Bulova Thin Watches

It is also considered as one of the best thin watches available that measure 5.9 millimeter, 37 millimeter in diameter and made of stainless steel. This watch is thin, but still exudes a daring feeling with its silver buckle that features Bulova fork logo, which is not available with the current styles and designs.

Choosing the best thin watches is not hard due to the many choices available out there. It just depends on the budget, reference as well as the style you want.

Written by: John Ó Briain

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