When buying things these days, consumers are not only provided with one place to make their purchases in. Depending on your preference, you can now purchase items at a local or online-based store. Of course, if you are after convenience and wish to save time in shopping, you would choose to buy online. This is a trend that many consumers have adopted not, particularly when wanting to buy watches online.

Aside from being able to choose from a wider option, the chance to find great deals is also increased. All you need to do to ensure the success of your online watch shopping is to know and apply some important considerations.

Where to Buy Online Watches

There are two types of watch dealers that you can encounter online. These are the authorized and non-authorized dealers.

An authorized dealer is a watch retailer with an official agreement among certain watch manufacturers, or brands they sell. Having an official agreement with the watch manufacturers or brands requires the authorized dealer to charge prices that are determined by the firm themselves. A non-authorized dealer does not have any official agreement with watch manufacturers and brands. That is why these dealers are not required to charge their items they sell based on the brand’s recommended prices.

As to where you should buy based from these choices is a matter of consumer preference. Just make sure that the dealer where you choose to buy watches online offers authentic timepieces and warranties for your security.

Preferred Type of Watch

It is suggested that before you go online to shop, you must have at least some idea on the type of watch you want to buy. But, doing some browsing on the web can also help provide an idea on what you prefer. Some considerations you need to keep in mind is your preferred brand, specific model you plan to buy and why, and the item’s basic time functions.

Do you want your watch to feature some additional complications, like chronograph, GTM function and more? Most importantly, what is your budget or up to what amount are you willing to spend? It is also important to consider how frequent you would use the watch to give you an idea on what to start looking for.

Size of Watch and Type of Case Material

Watches come in various sizes, from small to large. The size of watch you must choose should depend on your wrist size. If your wrists are small, the ideal watch for you is the one with a diameter between 36mm to 40mm. Watches with diameter from 38mm to 42mm are for medium-sized wrists and watches with higher diameter are ideal for those with large wrist size.

For the case material, it is important to choose based on how often you wish to use the watch. Titanium or stainless steel cases are ideal if you aim to use the timepiece every day. But, if you only aim to use the item occasionally or during special moments, it is best to opt for platinum, Rose gold or gold case.


There is no best choice for movement because it all depends on your preference. But, your options here include Battery or Quartz, Automatic and Mechanical movements. The first option does not require any winding, but the second does, and it must be winded up on the first use, when putting it away or when it stops. The last option requires to be winded up every day.

It is true that the selection of watches online is too wide. But, there are plenty of ways to narrow down your options, and the information provided above is what you can use to buy watches online.

Written by: John Ó Briain

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