The Pride behind Quality Scandinavian Watches

Among the popular brands of watches that originate from different countries are the Scandinavian watches. With their minimalist designs, these assure all users with the same function like those wristwatches. In Scandinavia, there are almost 30 brands that create unique designs of watches. They are also able to cover various designs perfect for various segments [...]

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Why Consider Nato Strap Watches?

For a lot of people, there are items more indispensable than a comfortable watch. However, like all items of accessories and clothing, comfort often needs to give way to fashion and timepieces are sadly not excluded from this fact. Therefore, how could you find a timepiece that feels like silk on your wrist and [...]

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Best Thin Watches

While robust, thick timepieces have their advantages, most of often they fall prey to snags on cuffs and door jams as well as jacket pockets. Normally, a really comfortable and practical timepiece will also be a sleek or thin watch. The thinnest timepiece measures 10 mm including the crystal and the leanest of the [...]

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“Less is more” – Concept of Minimalism

Here at Philip Parker we believe in clean classic design in watches accomplished with highest quality standards and premium materials.  Minimalism has been the source of great inspiration for us.  So let’s have a look at it. Over the late 20th century Minimalism became one of the most prominent styles in all creative disciplines [...]

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Mens ultra slim watch

Find the Mens  Ultra Slim Watch for Your Man among the Best Mens Slim WatchesAlthough men don’t show how they love receiving gifts from their partners, surprising them with a new watch surely make them all happy. It would make them feel loved and comforted. But, to please your man when it comes to a [...]

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The History of Watchmaking

As best we know, 5000 to 6000 years ago great civilizations in the Middle East and North Africa began to make clocks to augment their calendars. Slender, tapering, four-sided monuments, known as obelisks, were built as early as 3500 BCE. Their moving shadows formed a kind of sundial, enabling people to partition the day into [...]

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