Daniel Wellington

Classic, timeless, and beautifully crafted; the Daniel Wellington brand is simply the epitome of British design. Influenced by the style of a British gentleman, the brand was created by Filip Tysander in Sweden in 2011. The story behind the brand originates from when Filip met a gentleman on a plane, halfway across the world, and [...]

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Watches on Sale online

Many people would want to purchase for a single piece of luxury watch. However, their savings are not enough for them to do so. This is true for some people who think that the hundreds of dollars they will pay for a single timepiece are already equal to the expenses for the months. These expenses [...]

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What You Should Know About Ultra-Thin Watches

How thin is an ultra-thin watch? When you are purchasing an ultra thin watch, it is perhaps the most vital question you can ask. For the sake of setting a benchmark, ultra thin watches start at about 10 mm or under 4/10ths of an inch in thickness (a little bit thicker than an iPad). Why [...]

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Buying Affordable Swiss Watches for You

Swiss watches have always been known for its quality and for being one of the best watches in the market. The brand has proved itself most of the time which further builds and strengthens their already strong reputation. With such reputation and status these watches have, it becomes normal for the consumers to be [...]

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