The Story of Cluse Watches is about people who find beauty in simplicity. Simple is not about being plain. It is about being grounded, sophisticated and true to oneself. Away from distractions and focused on the things that are truly important in life. With this mindset we are committed to creating timepieces and jewelry that represent elegance and minimalism for those who are conscious about their style. Cluse Wathces and Strap brings the best out of your look and completes your outfit.  Cluse Watches not only indicate time, but defines best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity. Cluse watches and Strap are produced with attention and care, with a strong focus on materials, quality and style. In the Amsterdam office they have their atelier with specialized watchmakers for quality control and repair, to assure the quality of each new model we launch.

Some other famous Watch Brands are Triwa, Epoch Stockholm and Pansar.


TRIWA is short for Transform the Industry of Watches. The timepieces under the label features contemporary design as well as Stockholm creativity. The brand itself has 10 different lines of timepieces. One of which is the result of the collaboration between TRIWA and Erik Bjerkesjo, a Swedish fashion designer. All Swedish watch items offered by TRIWA are designed in a wide range of styles and varying colors. The watches from the brand are also using a Citizen Miyota variant movement.

Epoch Stockholm

The company itself stated that it is producing an innovative line of watches that is made with the combination of its craftsmanship and tradition and modern manufacturing techniques. But, in truth, the Epoch watches are known for its being timeless and classic. Among the timepiece lines that have are the Racing Chronograph, President Collection and Jubilee Gold, all of which uses Quartz movements.


Pansar when translated means “Armour”. Taking a look at, one will see the definite combination of the classic elegance as well as sporty function. Such creation was made possible with Pansar’s brainchild, Patrik Palovaara, who is an award-winning designer. Patrik used similar design methodology employed in the automobile trade, which places the emphasis on dynamic character lines, proportions and geometric contours. From such design methodology, Patrik was able to develop timepieces that are crisp, bold and attention-seeking.

These are just some of the Swedish watch items you can look for in the market. While you are looking for these timepieces, make sure that you also use the top buying tips when shopping for watches.

Written by:  Jessica Söderberg

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