Best Casual Watches

Best Casual Watches by Philip Parker Watches When you find yourself in the department store or watch store for the best casual watches, you are going to want to ensure that you are taking a couple of things into consideration. While it is true that a lot of people are just depending on their [...]

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Best Slim Watches – A Great Option to Make a Statement

Watches are generally available in varying shapes, designs, styles and colors. In history, timepieces were made for a reason and that was to provide a way for people to know the time of the day. From there, the great watchmakers in the world sprouted. Most of these watchmakers are still present today, continuing to provide [...]

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Daniel Wellington Watches

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world that sparked the idea for Daniel Wellington. On this trip, the founder Filip Tysander met an intriguing British gentleman with impeccable yet unpretentious style. The man had a particular fondness for wearing his vintage watches on old, weathered NATO straps. His name? Daniel Wellington. Inspired by his [...]

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Mens ultra slim watch

Find the Mens  Ultra Slim Watch for Your Man among the Best Mens Slim WatchesAlthough men don’t show how they love receiving gifts from their partners, surprising them with a new watch surely make them all happy. It would make them feel loved and comforted. But, to please your man when it comes to a [...]

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The History of Watchmaking

As best we know, 5000 to 6000 years ago great civilizations in the Middle East and North Africa began to make clocks to augment their calendars. Slender, tapering, four-sided monuments, known as obelisks, were built as early as 3500 BCE. Their moving shadows formed a kind of sundial, enabling people to partition the day into [...]

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