Bow Tie Classic Alabama

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    Bow Tie Classic Alabama

    Material: Cotton

    Bow Size:

    Height:  6cm

    Width: 11cm

    Strap Length:

    Longest: 48cm

    Shortest: 30cm

Most bow ties that are available in the marketplace worldwide are mass produced with low quality fabrics and are cheaply made. All Philip Parker Bow Ties are hand made of Premium Fabrics. Classic Alabama Bow Tie is of normal size, pre-tied and fixed to maintain the shape & will always look appropriately proportioned on everyone. It has an adjustable strap with a hook and eye fastening. The look is a very balanced one, which doesn't draw attention to itself because of size, but rather because of its undeniable class. This Bow Tie will always make you stand out from the crowd.

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Parker Bow Tie “Classic Alabama” is hand made and can be worn at dinner, cocktail parties and nights out on the town. It will always look appropriately proportioned on everyone. Bow ties are often worn with suits by those trying to convey a more dressed-up, formal image, whether in business or social venues. Although the four-in-hand necktie is more prominent in today’s Society, being seen at business meetings, formal functions, schools, and sometimes even at home, the bow tie is making a comeback with fun-formal events. There is no reason to hesitate incorporating a bow into your own style.

Additional information

Quality Control

Philip Parker Bow Ties fully comply with the stringent criteria of Philip Parker Quality Control.


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