How thin is an ultra-thin watch? When you are purchasing an ultra thin watch, it is perhaps the most vital question you can ask. For the sake of setting a benchmark, ultra thin watches start at about 10 mm or under 4/10ths of an inch in thickness (a little bit thicker than an iPad).

Why Consider Ultra-Thin Watches

As with lots of the accessories people wear, a timepiece or watch tells the casual observer more about you. You see, in a quick glimpse at your wrist, your prospective partner, bank manager or your boss has subconsciously checked your character and made their impression of you. It might be completely wrong but as everybody knows, first impression counts and when you are in a very significant situation, you will want to make a good impression. Therefore, ask yourself just one question. Do you want to look as sophisticated and assured with only a hint of understated modification? Are you somebody who does not care what they use on their wrist as long as it tells the time in various countries and is considerably reasonably-priced? That might be a bit harsh but according to the saying, “you are what you wear.” So, wear something of quality.

Are they Costly?

Until recently, ultra-thin watches were really the plaything of just the famous and rich. The thinner the timepiece, the more craftsmanship and expertise was needed to make it.  Due to modem techniques, ultra-thin watched are accessible at a very reasonable price today. Admittedly, you can pay thousands of dollars for an ultra-thin brand of watches but when you look around, you can purchase a brand of ultra thin watch for as low as $75.

Why Buy Ultra-Thin Watches

Watches indeed make a good impression. According to Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the eventual sophistication” and somehow, ultra-thin watches do convey an air of refinement and sophistication upon the wearer. Also, they are kind to your blouse cuffs and shirt as they are not like larger and bulky watches and by their very nature, they are light to wear. As a matter of fact, sometimes you hardly know you are wearing a timepiece at all.

What are the Drawbacks of Wearing Ultra-Thin Watches?

When you are into timepieces with whistles and bells, perhaps you will be better off with large or thicker watches. In general, the more you like a timepiece to be a temperature gauge or a chronograph or a measure tidal flow, the bigger the case has to be.

To be honest about it, you want to buy an ultra-thin watch because once you have worn one, you will not want anything else. They are extraordinary and eye-catching. On the other hand, most ultra-thin watches are really easy to wear and that is something a lot of people say.

There are lots of ultra-thin watches available out there. When you shop around, online or offline, you will find many types of watches to select from. Make sure to conduct your research and find one appropriate to your needs and budget.

Written by: John Ó Briain

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